The Cherry Meeting 2011 was organized in Bad Dürkheim (EDRF) by Thomas Gschwind Arrival of the Cherrys Helmut Bücker flew in from Damme Hans Brandstätter arriving from Vienna (LOAG) Othmar Wolf from Cherryhausen (Austria) The first participants and some crosswind indicated in the background Alois grabbing into the crosswind... The flightline is building up Herbert Scheich from Cherryhausen (Austria) Perfect weather on Saturday Visitors from Austria (the vast majority), France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom Some skinny design (ULI) showing up... A long Cherry-table at the terrace in front of the tower Looking forward to local food and wine... Discussing technical details later in the afternoon Herbert, as almost all pilots, getting ready for the return flight to Austria on Saturday... ... since the weather forecast for Sunday was not promising. Poldi and Eddi getting started... ...and Christian Muigg with his wife returning to Innsbruck, looking forward to  the next Cherry Meeting 2012. Photo Gallery for Web by v2.4