The flightline of the 2010 OUV Meeting in Mengen (EDTM) Following a ground abort because of a 3 cent solder-tag on my constant-speed-propeller which hindering me to fly to the Swiss Meeting in Mollis one week earlier... ... I was glad my Cherry was ready again for the OUV-Meeting in Mengen. Little later the weather cleared totally... Perfect conditions... ... Sunrise II Cherry BX-2... Hubert and his Jodel D95 Breezer BL1 - KEA by Dr. Bernhard Hinz BL2 - ARA (Uwe Schirmer) and BL1 KEA. Same design but different details. ... ... Alfa Cricri LI1 by Detlev Claren Kitfox RV-10 - the first 4 seat Experimental in Germany Mooney Helmut Bücker´s Cherry ULF II Poldi´s Cherry and a super Pulsar - Sunday morning Still a little overcast... ... but improoving at noon Strange effect of the cellphone-cameraThumbnail jQuery by v2.4