The 7th International Cherry BX-2 Meeting was held in Krems (LOAG), Austria on 22./23. May 2010. Hans Brandstätter and his Cherry Cherry of Othmar Wolf Cherry of Christian Muigg Cherry of Hans Rumpel Cherry of Herbert Scheich Well, at heavy rainshowers two brave Dutchmen, Emil Oomen and Bart landed from Holland. They reported perfect weater over Europe, just the last 20 miles in Austria have been bad. The Cherry flightline and - just arriving - Wolfgang Hammerschmidt with his recently bought -Tillmann-Cherry. Wolfgang Hammerschmidt (left) and his Cherry Emil and a potential Cherry buyer... Othmar Wolf dedicated this Meeting to the designer Max Brändli. Later on he provided a slideshow from an outstanding Finnland-tour. Roger Brändli presented a very moving slideshow of the Scandinavian tour 2009. Our friends Dani and Max passed away on this trip and Roger well understood it to express the spirit of their frequent Scandinavian tours. An outstanding presentation!!! later... ... Sunday, Emil and Bart returned to Holland. As you can see, bad weather approaching again... Christian Muigg and his wife leaving to Innsbruck. airborne... Cherry of Ernest Nerad Cherry of Leopold RC-experts talking... Werner Brändli and Poldi Visiting Cherryhausen in Austria. A beautiful strip with a perfect lawn - could play golf here... Poldi landed... Othmar landing. All the water behind the wheels, you can tell it was raining... landed... Towing the Cherry into the hangar. Cozy, a Cherry does not need much space.Thumbnail jQuery by v2.4