The 2010 Austrian fly-in was held at Krems (LOAG) from 13th to 15th of August. Even though we had a low ceiling in Germany, the weather improved in Austria. Danube River - Austria Half an hour to go... Austria... Part of the flightline. Alois checking a Lancair. Alpha Hans Brandst├Ątter Herbert Scheich ... Cherry of Erwin Pucher. RV 9A Christian Parb received the final registration just two days ago. Viktor Strausak was the only visitor from Switzerland (due to the weather) just because he was returning from another trip to Danmark... Othmar Wolf Ernest Nerad / Peter Tomaser Leopold Beham (Poldi) High performance presentation. Othmar and Heidi Wolf welcomed everyone with a glass of local (Wachau) red wine, folowed by a fine dinner at the airport. My return flight in Sunday with improved weather conditions.Thumbnail jQuery by v2.4